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Low power design of 16-bit synchronous counter by introducing effective clock monitoring circuits

Vivek Kumar Singh, Abhishek Nag, Apangshu Das, and Sambhu Nath Pradhan

Vol.45, No.4, pp. 464-469


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Opal-CT from the Lam Narai Volcanics in Lop Buri, Thailand: Mineralogy and petrogenesis

Pimwaree Thitiwatthanakarn, Supanut Suntikoon, and Chanakan Wisessan

Vol.45, No.4, pp. 501-509


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Optimization of biosurfactant production by Bacillus thuringiensis c25 isolated from palm oil contaminated soil

Innocent Okonkwo Ogbonna, Walter Chinaka John, Grace Mwuese Gberikon, and Charles Chidozie Iheukwumere

Vol.45, No.4, pp. 525-533


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